How to upgrade the warehouse system based on the old warehouse?

In case you have invested in a storage racking system, but in the face of new developments or having to apply new standards in warehouse management,… We will offer solutions. reasonable method, so that customers can save investment budgets to build a new storage system, etc.

For example, customers want to expand the cargo space, increase the weight for each cargo space, move it, or raise it to increase the cargo space, etc. COSMO will be an active and effective supporter for you!

Please try to raise your problems and questions with our sales team; We are ready to listen, absorb the problems you raise, and then we will suggest you the best storage racking system that suits your requirements, and you just need to make the decision. I am a manufacturer and supplier of shelf products for you,… we will quickly meet your needs.

To choose the optimal investment budget for the most effective storage racking system, you must calculate the following factors:

  • Number of products stored in the warehouse.
  • Volume, or mass, of each product.
  • Storage time, or the speed of circulation of goods in a certain period of time.;
  • Size and weight of goods stored in the warehouse.
  • The level of product growth that will be kept in stock.
  • Including other issues including vehicles and tools used to load and unload goods, …